It is my intention to show my clients possible ways to integrate health supportive and evolving changes into their lives.

I try to support by the application of treatments and consultations, taken out of a pol of modern western physiotherapy as ancient asian therapy concepts. I treat you phsyical and energetic wise and try to enable a new view on old and unhealthy habits.

I give advise from the background of school medicine, ancient asian medicine and philosophy, numerology and deep ancient knowledge as well as modern scientific proofed psychosomatics.

Examples : z. B. chronical diseases; migrane, spine syndroms, after surgery, psychological and stress caused diseases, decision finding processes, mental/spiritual burdens, attendant to difficualt life circumstances or psychotherapy.


I do offer Numerology Consulting also (private matters, buisness papers, launching a project on the proper day, wedding dates, partnership ....) as well as in modern scientific proofed psychosomatics; partially this can be done on phone/skype also.

Andreas Pfletschinger - Hof 4 - 88255 Baienfurt Hof (Weingarten / Ravensburg) - Telefon 015787/7635658